Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I don't feel that I'm addicted to the site compared to a video game or the ever so nosy facebook feeds.  I'm just insanely curious of who or what is going to pop up next, especially now that I've started this blog.  It definitly doesnt fail to disapoint my curiousity especially when the first person that comes up is this dude with an animated cartoon flying saucer in the corner,
as you can see in the chat dialogue, this completely chilling out dude responses was, "keeps me company".  I laughed and we both said goodbye and moved on.  After a couple of short brief conversations I ran into the following two.  The girl in the background was grooving a bit almost a bit seductively and kind of dancing to herself occasionally signaling to the camera (Picture 1).  The dude who remained out of the cameras view was the one doing the chatting.  They were from the Ukraine and considering it was 9pm here I asked why they were up so late or rather up so early?  She laughed and he held up the mirror of white powder (Picture 2) and then the hookah (picture 3).  After another minute or two of chatting we decided to move on and that's when he said his goodbye (picture 4) and politely told me to have a good day ...never disappoints.

Like a Box of Chocolates

Within seconds of popping up into the world of these two, I was greeted with their goofy faces and I had to stop my 'nexting' and say hello.  I learned that my unorthodox introduction came all the way from Belgium.  With only a few lines in, they admitted to be smoking marijuana.  Holding the joint up to the camera both of them decided to inhale and as if they've done it before blew the smoke entertainingly into the camera.  Needless to say I was slightly entertained by these two originals.  With their image being slightly grainy I had to ask if the hair was real or a wig.  He took down whatever was holding is green, dreaded hair up and shook it as if to throw out whatever was living in it.  It was real, and the semi normal looking kid pulled at his 2 inch hair to show me that it was real as well; again, entertaining me.  The following image was from the beginning of our conversation and me getting a good laugh.

The German Turn Table

This morning I was only 'nexting' for a short while when I ran into this guy. Unfortunately I never got his name but I was able to learn that he was broadcasting from Germany. I was really feeling his mix and beats and early in the conversation asked if he had a myspace page of some kind to check out more or whatever and to my surprise he did not. He did mention that he had a personal facebook page. I was shocked that someone with his talents would put so much time in and didn't have any kind of a media page. He actually apologized for his lack of English speaking skills and told him that it was ok because I didn't know any German and any that I did know was from watching WW2 movies and his quick reaction was, "Nooo", which I got a chuckle out of. I asked if the video was prerecorded and he said no it was live. I was just curious how he was DJing and typing at once and asked if there was two of them but he replied no he was doing both. I asked for his permission to record the audio and he said it was cool and I've attached a link to a small slice to what I was listening to.  Not sure what happen but just like that, we were cut off and it was on to the next user.

Chatroulette Chronicles