Monday, April 19, 2010

L.A. Insight

I never got this dudes name but we talked for a while.  I was able to learn that he was broadcasting from L.A. and we had a real interesting and intelligent conversation.  First talked about my lack of interest to visit L.A. and small jokes back and forth in regards to that.  It wasn't really until we started to talk about jobs did the conversation become really interesting.  He told me about how his job in San Francisco as a bank broker and then working in Taiwan as a pre-school teacher.  Helped to give some insight on that kind of an experience.  He worked there for a year and said it really is a culture shock and helps one to change.  I could only help but to think that this may be something I'm looking for.  He said it was real positive and awesome experience and he definitely recommended it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Sucks

Tonight I was sitting here getting next after next and starting to wonder if I look like a weirdo or something.  Then this dude stopped and we both said hello and introduced ourselves. He was up studying for some anthropology class about the Mayans or something similar.  I expressed my sympathy because I hated anthropology but also expressed to him I more disliked the professor than the actual class.  We both laughed and then asked where he was from and he told me that he's a sophomore at Boston College.  I laughed at that as well and told him that I knew he had to of been from Boston.  Talked sports and my dislike of all Boston teams due to the annoyance of their fans, ha-ha.  Turns out though that he's actually from a small town just North of Albany.  We started talking about a few other things like Syracuse Basketball and how he has a buddy that goes to S.U. but I'm not sure if my browser hiccuped or I punched in a key stroke combination on accident but I backed out of and lost the connection.  Cheers buddy and good luck on the class!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Re: A Nice Change (update)

Ha-ha, I can't help but to laugh because I received an email from the girl in the previous post, the one who was too shy to be on camera.  It was a very nice e-mail but it made me laugh because she writes the following, "Well.. you´re very fast writing your blog for chatroulette. I read what you wrote about us... and i have to explain something." ...when I read that, my mind started a run-a-way train of thought.  I was thinking, oh, boy, with the internet, you never know whats around the corner with a sentence that starts with that, ha-ha.  She goes on to tell me that they're actually from Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany.  I continued to laugh and breathed a slight sigh of relief and had to look it up because I've never heard of it.  Still laughing to myself she continued on by saying, "I think it´s an important city for germanys history. Because Martin Luther was here... =) .... but the rest was true, everything."  I thought it was very cute and enjoyed the semi-randomness of the email.  It made me laugh and helped to bring more character to the story and had to share it with you all. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Nice Change

Well today was a bit of a positive experience because I didn't have to next through the weirdos, pervs, and dudes laying in bed to find someone normal.  I ran into a pair of very nice German girls from Berlin on the very first 'partner'.  They were at their grandma's 65th birthday party and explained that they were bored.  The blond was the only one that I ever saw and it was explained to me that it was her cousin doing the typing because she didn't know English well enough to type it out.  Her cousin who was typing explained that she was shy and that's why they both weren't on camera.  I couldn't help but to laugh and express my understanding of the lack of shame on the world wide web and not to mention on chatroulette.  We both got a kick out of each other, I was entertained by watching them laugh at me and listening to the German conversation in the background.  They seemed to enjoy me laughing and smiling at them as well as trying to understand some of the language barrier.  I chose not to try and surf for any others because this was such a nice change for once of not having to sift through the garbage to find someone entertaining.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last One for the Night

I was on for a bit longer than usual tonight and after surfing through the oh-too-many penises, I came upon a Pringles container.  Almost immediately, a hand came in and moved it and behind the can was a picture with a funny face that had inscribed below it, 'make this face'.  I laughed because I don't know if you can get anymore random than that.  Couldn't help but to ask why the Pringles container and with a simple response said, "why not? who doesn't love Pringles" ...touche, ha-ha! I knew I wouldn't be able to make the face but gave it a messed up but hilarious try.  Dude laughed and told me to have a nice night and moved on. 

Just chilling

I've developed a method of doing other things on my computer while keeping an eye on my chatroulette window so that I don't have to sit here and wait and get next 30 times waiting for someone to stop.

  This ghetto-ed chick appeared in her backwards hat and large blinging glasses and theeeen the dude appears in his winter face mask and it looked as if these two just finished robbing a bank.  I couldn't help to ask them if they had done just that and their response was, "everyday".  Broadcasting from Germany, these two were really just 'chilling' and were just browsing chatroulette like myself and then they were gone...

After trying to spark up a few conversations with a couple of randoms who immediately nexted me.  I did run into some topless chick that only popped up for a second and was gone but I must apologize for being to slow to be able to bring that to you, ha-ha.
  I was fortunate enough to meet this girl from Kansas who I immediately noticed her Jay and Silent Bob movie poster hanging on the wall and had to ask if that's really what it was and was it really hanging on her wall?  Needless to say that sparked a conversation and shes a big fan of all Kevin Smiths films.  Oh, and on the other wall is the Mallrats movie poster... ...yea, I know, I was pretty shocked that someone was this large of a fan and  I had to ask if she was stranded on a desert island for 10 years what movie would she bring and to my surprise it was not a Kevin Smith film and was the Fifth Element.  Her reason was because it is a, "mix of happiness and scifi and drama" which made pretty good sense and I thought would be a good choice.  She was pretty chill and chatted with her for a while about different movies, music, sports, T.V., and being from Kansas,  college basketball.  We talked for maybe an hour and then moved on.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well I started chatting with some threesome from what they called "man-frickin-hattan" and when I told them that I was in Syracuse, their response was 'that's in Canada' and I laughed and corrected them and was told that it might was well be in Canada.  For some reason they wanted to hear my voice but I refused as they continued to insist I just laughed at listening to them fight over trying to get me to say something and to leave me alone.  Due to me laughing at them a lot they asked me if I was stoned and I definitely was not. The conversation really didn't go anywhere from there and that was that and it was a 'next'.

  Moving on I ran into three girls who were stuffing their faces with pizza and appeared to be in some kind of a college sorority(more the fugly kind ha-ha).  They too were all about chatting using voices and not the key board.  I refused because I was just chilling and listening to music so they called me boring and moved on.  The next chick I ran into had her blouse wide open.  She had no response to my sarcastic questions of, "do you know your shirt is open" and "do you always sit at the computer like that" and was boring and moved on and was unable to meet anyone really interesting tonight ...maybe tomorrow.

Monday, April 5, 2010


  As exciting as chatroulette can be, there are just sometimes where it seems that you can't connect with anyone. I had this experience tonight, besides also feeling like I hit whack off hour, I just wasn't able to meet anyone really interesting or for more than 2 seconds.  Hopefully next time will be a little more productive and I wont be waiting for nothing and running into so many dudes being inappropriate.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bizarre Afternoon

  I know chatroulette can be bizarre but everyone I ran into today was just strange.  First I ran into E.T. who had nothing to say and was just there.  So moving on I ran into some girl with a cut out mask of a dog who was just staring and I mentioned that it was not only strange but slightly creepy, she seemed confused by that comment which ex claimed my point and quickly moved on. 

  Then I ran into these two, I was never able to see the second one but the blond at first claimed to be from India.  I found it to be doubtful but I didn't really care and just replied, 'really?' with the doubt underlined in there.  Finally she admitted she was from Springfield and asked if it was the one in Massachusetts, it was not so then I asked if it was the Springfield in Simpson's world.  She said it was and she was homers neighbor.  Couldn't help but to indulge into this odd conversation and asked how Flanders was and without hesitation replied..."a fucking asshole".

  So then I pointed her to my blog about Chatroulette and she pointed me to her blog, and then the conversation made a little more sense, but it was still a bizarre overall session.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good for a laugh

It was a bit slow but then I came across this user that supplied me with a good laugh and a smile if only for a moment.  I wasn't able to read what the sign said due to the grainy image and the fact that it was turned on its side.  So like I'm sure you're doing now, I turned my head and moved in a bit closer to read it.  Well when I did that, a hand came from the right side of the screen and put in the tally mark closest to the top.  It was at that moment that I quickly understood what was going on and laughed from the randomness and cleverness of this user.

Then there was these two, who immediately pulled his shirt up and started to move his flabby stomach in a wave pattern and I couldn't help to laugh at the random and retardedness of these two.  Broadcasting from Germany, they asked me to show them a talent so I drew them a quick picture and laughed.  I then made the comment that I hope their talent isn't pulling their shirt up like that and we shared a laugh and moved on.
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