Monday, March 29, 2010

You must be this tall to ride Chatroulette

Surfing late night I came across this semi cute blonde.  I was talking to her for a few minutes, just small talk and I thought there might be something odd about what I was seeing because she wasnt moving to much and was blinking a bit.  She explained that she was stood up and I shared my sympathy and thought maybe that explained her blank-less look and lack of motion.  A few minutes later she asked if I would help cheer her up and balance a shoe on my head and that's when I called her out and told her I would if she held up two fingers.  That is when a 14 year old boy from Las Vegas came clean with his prank and laughed and admitted to using a looped video and uses it to get dudes to balance shoes on their head.  I laughed and talked to him for a while and asked how many people does he get to do that?  He responded explaining more than there should be, ha ha.  He told me about his myspace page and I expressed my enthusiasm to him that he should start a blog about it because it is pretty hilarious and original.  I then told him that he had to change her because she was freaking me out a little, theeeen he clicked through a few of them freaking me out on almost everyone of them until he stopped at Jessica Alba and was little easier to deal with (as long as she wasn't acting).

Here are some of his screen shots from getting different dudes to balance shoes on their heads,
Here are some of the freakish looped videos this kid had,
Chatroulette Chronicles