Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good for a laugh

It was a bit slow but then I came across this user that supplied me with a good laugh and a smile if only for a moment.  I wasn't able to read what the sign said due to the grainy image and the fact that it was turned on its side.  So like I'm sure you're doing now, I turned my head and moved in a bit closer to read it.  Well when I did that, a hand came from the right side of the screen and put in the tally mark closest to the top.  It was at that moment that I quickly understood what was going on and laughed from the randomness and cleverness of this user.

Then there was these two, who immediately pulled his shirt up and started to move his flabby stomach in a wave pattern and I couldn't help to laugh at the random and retardedness of these two.  Broadcasting from Germany, they asked me to show them a talent so I drew them a quick picture and laughed.  I then made the comment that I hope their talent isn't pulling their shirt up like that and we shared a laugh and moved on.
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