Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Nice Change

Well today was a bit of a positive experience because I didn't have to next through the weirdos, pervs, and dudes laying in bed to find someone normal.  I ran into a pair of very nice German girls from Berlin on the very first 'partner'.  They were at their grandma's 65th birthday party and explained that they were bored.  The blond was the only one that I ever saw and it was explained to me that it was her cousin doing the typing because she didn't know English well enough to type it out.  Her cousin who was typing explained that she was shy and that's why they both weren't on camera.  I couldn't help but to laugh and express my understanding of the lack of shame on the world wide web and not to mention on chatroulette.  We both got a kick out of each other, I was entertained by watching them laugh at me and listening to the German conversation in the background.  They seemed to enjoy me laughing and smiling at them as well as trying to understand some of the language barrier.  I chose not to try and surf for any others because this was such a nice change for once of not having to sift through the garbage to find someone entertaining.

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