Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just chilling

I've developed a method of doing other things on my computer while keeping an eye on my chatroulette window so that I don't have to sit here and wait and get next 30 times waiting for someone to stop.

  This ghetto-ed chick appeared in her backwards hat and large blinging glasses and theeeen the dude appears in his winter face mask and it looked as if these two just finished robbing a bank.  I couldn't help to ask them if they had done just that and their response was, "everyday".  Broadcasting from Germany, these two were really just 'chilling' and were just browsing chatroulette like myself and then they were gone...

After trying to spark up a few conversations with a couple of randoms who immediately nexted me.  I did run into some topless chick that only popped up for a second and was gone but I must apologize for being to slow to be able to bring that to you, ha-ha.
  I was fortunate enough to meet this girl from Kansas who I immediately noticed her Jay and Silent Bob movie poster hanging on the wall and had to ask if that's really what it was and was it really hanging on her wall?  Needless to say that sparked a conversation and shes a big fan of all Kevin Smiths films.  Oh, and on the other wall is the Mallrats movie poster... ...yea, I know, I was pretty shocked that someone was this large of a fan and  I had to ask if she was stranded on a desert island for 10 years what movie would she bring and to my surprise it was not a Kevin Smith film and was the Fifth Element.  Her reason was because it is a, "mix of happiness and scifi and drama" which made pretty good sense and I thought would be a good choice.  She was pretty chill and chatted with her for a while about different movies, music, sports, T.V., and being from Kansas,  college basketball.  We talked for maybe an hour and then moved on.


Taryn said...

Hey it's the jay and silent bob chic! =) I think I'm gonna make a blog now too! Great inspiration.

Digital Photo Art House said...

haha, "Inspire to be Inspired" -me

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