Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well I started chatting with some threesome from what they called "man-frickin-hattan" and when I told them that I was in Syracuse, their response was 'that's in Canada' and I laughed and corrected them and was told that it might was well be in Canada.  For some reason they wanted to hear my voice but I refused as they continued to insist I just laughed at listening to them fight over trying to get me to say something and to leave me alone.  Due to me laughing at them a lot they asked me if I was stoned and I definitely was not. The conversation really didn't go anywhere from there and that was that and it was a 'next'.

  Moving on I ran into three girls who were stuffing their faces with pizza and appeared to be in some kind of a college sorority(more the fugly kind ha-ha).  They too were all about chatting using voices and not the key board.  I refused because I was just chilling and listening to music so they called me boring and moved on.  The next chick I ran into had her blouse wide open.  She had no response to my sarcastic questions of, "do you know your shirt is open" and "do you always sit at the computer like that" and was boring and moved on and was unable to meet anyone really interesting tonight ...maybe tomorrow.

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